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It was such a great pleasure and honor to be a part of the awesome Sevenfriday Space Zurich Pop-Up inTune Session alongside the lovely Silayne and the cool guys of The Rising Lights!! Thank you deeply Phil Dankner for the invitation and supporting Swiss artists!!



Yes!!! I won "Best Female Swiss R&B Single"!!! 

Yeeeessssss.....what a fantastic way to end the year!!! ?? 

Super happy to let you know that i won "Best Female Swiss R&B Single" with my smash single "Moving On"!!! I'm overwhelmed by all the love and support i got from so many wonderful people all over the world!!! Without you this wouldn't have been possible and you guys have always been one of my main reasons to stay strong, believe and fight for my dream, thank you deeply for that!! <3 <3 <3 

Another huge thank you goes out to The R&B Report team for their precious support over the last year and the nominations for "Best Swiss R&B Artist 2017" and "Best Female Swiss R&B Single 2017"! ? R&B music doesn't get the same support from people anymore. Because of this, platforms like yours are even more necessary!! Thank you for continuously pushing my big love R&B and giving artists like myself a home!!



2017 - The year of the big changes! 

Tired but totally happy!! ? 2017 is definitely the year of the big changes and i've finally got my flow back!! Really looking forward to all the new things with much hope, energy and confidence!! Please continue to follow my musical journey. New infos coming soon... ????‍??



Overwhelming reaction!  

One of the best compliments an artist can get is when people get teary-eyed or goosebumps whilst listening to you singing! 

2 weeks ago i sang some of my new song "Lost", "M.U.S.I.C", "Who Is She" and "New Old Me" for the fist time and only for 1 person. The reaction i got was overwhelming ? She didn't only have teary eyes - she cried me a damn river!!! Man, that moment was so emotional that i almost started to cry as well! ? You can't imaginge how much these new songs mean to me, i can't wait to share them with you! 


Video shoot "Moving On" 

Today was the third and last day of my "Moving On" video shoot! I had 3 awesome shooting days with awesome people and couldn't be happier with our shots! Can't wait so see the final product! ?

You can find a sneak behind-the-scenes preview right HERE




X-MAS came early!  

These saucers and the cup were gifts i received at the fantastic VyBE event in Preston from a very lovely man! Aren't they awesome?! As a coffee and tea lover they are perfect for me ?