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Working on NEW music!  

I'm currently working on new music. Now i know what artists mean when they talk about musical growth. It's not only becoming a better singer and performer, i think they also talk about the way you hear and feel music. I'm in another place in my life right now because i finally was able to let some things go that held me back for a long time. To write about these feelings in my own words is so relieving and let me feel music in a different way. Don't worry guys, i'm staying true to my big love R&B but i'm freshening it up a little¬†ūüėČūüėĀ¬†Super happy and proud of¬†my new songs!!¬†ūüėćūüė欆Stay tuned...



Debut EP "The Journey Vol. 1" - OUT NOW! 


My debut EP "The Journey, Vol. 1" has been a long time coming...a journey indeed! Multiple set-backs and obstacles were placed in my path, and even though it was frustrating, i definitely believe that everything happens for a reason. I proudly present you this short-but-sweet body of work. It's real, authentic and classic R&B to the fullest! I hope you all enjoy what you hear! :-) 

The EP is available on the following digital stores:

iGroove (CH): SMS "fayebtj1" an 900  
iGroove (DE): SMS "fayebtj1" an 60660

If you would like a physical CD copy, then please order here:

Switzerland / Germany / France:
Rest of the world, please e-mail: