TV-Report on TeleZüri!

I feel really honored that Swiss TV station TeleZüri followed and documented me on my big day, the release party / concert of my debut EP "The Journey Vol.1", which took place at Guggenheim in Liestal on the 17th…Read more

Interview with!

I recently had the chance to sit down with popular Swiss culture / lifestyle website to talk about my brand new EP "The Journey, Vol.1", the meaning behind it, songwriting, my success in the UK and my future…Read more

Debut EP "The Journey Vol. 1" - OUT NOW!


My debut EP "The Journey, Vol. 1" has been a long time coming...a journey indeed! Multiple set-backs and obstacles were placed in my path, and even though it was frustrating, i definitely believe…

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Release party / concert at Guggenheim in Liestal!

Yesterday night was just...OMG!!!

I don't know where to start, i'm completely overwhelmed right now!!! What a night!!! What an audience!!! I would like to thank my awesome band, the guest rappers, the Guggenheim team, the TeleZüri crew and…

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Faye B live at the legendary SOB's in NYC!!

Man, i definitely had the best and loudest supporters at my first-ever U.S. performance at the legendary SOB's on the 22nd October 2015! All these lovely peeps came from near and (very) far just to support me! They don't know…

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"FINALLY" at #3 on the UK Soul Chart!

Great news, people!

My debut single "Finally" has received so much support from radio stations worldwide. But now it just recently hit #3 on the UK Soul Chart, as well as #8 on the UK Urban Club Chart on…Read more